You have the power to help women and girls on Long Island.

What kind of neighborhood do you envision when you think of human trafficking, gang violence, or domestic violence? Do you picture an inner city? Do you picture a developing country? Think a little closer to home. Women and girls on Long Island must overcome these challenges every day.

Work with us to help Long Island’s women and girls live up to their full potential. Celebrate the Women’s Fund of Long Island’s (WFLI) 20th year of grant giving by making a donation. Last year, visionary philanthropist, Amy Hagedorn, made a $300,000 commitment to Women’s Fund of Long Island to help build our sustainability so we can continue to fund our local women women forward and with this new campaign, WFLI intends to leverage support from donors to match this gift and increase our impact on women and girls across Long Island. You can change the lives of 30 girls and women on Long Island each year with just a $30 monthly donation.

WFLI identifies outstanding local organizations working to combat challenges faced by women and girls on Long Island. We are able to transform your donations into action where the need is greatest. Over the past 20 years we have given over 450 grants, targeting programs that empower and fund women forward. These organizations are diverse and work on decreasing gang violence and human trafficking and improving economic stability, education and leadership among women and girls. Last year alone we impacted the lives of 7,000 women and girls in our local communities.

“WFLI has literally changed the lives of more than a hundred Long Island girls at a critical time in their lives. After our partnership formed, WFLI has become one of our strongest backers.  Our program is simple – we use the power of preparing for and participating in youth triathalons to teach young women self-esteem skills they will carry with them wherever they go. Through proper training and the genuine support of their peers, they overcome their fears and emerge as strong, confident young women.” Theresa Roden Founder & Executive Director of i-tri.

You have the power to change the lives of women and girls on Long Island. Monthly sustainers are critical to our victories…we can’t create the world we envision overnight…but with your help, we know we will get there. We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another 20 years of empowering our women and girls.  Please click here to donate.

*Statistics based on 2013 grant giving